We are looking forward to this year's MacDeploy Conference in Calgary, Alberta coming in June 2019. Speakers from around the globe (including our own Tami Miguens) will share their expertise and cool tech related to managing Mac devices in enterprise & education environments. Find out more about attending the conference here - http://macdeployment.ca/

Also proud to be sponsoring this bi-annual conference that brings awesome talent from the MacAdmin community to YYC. Here are some of the topics from prior years:

  1. Enhanced Lifecycle Management with FileMaker 16 and Jamf
  2. You down with DEP? Yeah you know me! A complete guide to using DEP for your Macs
  3. Storing our digital lives: Mac filesystems from MFS to APFS
  4. Beautifying Your Scripts | From Script to App
  5. Macs in Windows Server Environments: Binding to AD (or not)
  6. Agile Deployment with the Casper Suite
  7. Munki Around: A Hands on Lab
  8. DeployStudio - Average Joe to Pro in an Hour

MacDeploy is fun, engaging and sends participants away with real life skills they can bring back to their organizations. See you there!