New AirPods, Better Experience

Today Apple announced the release of the next generation of AirPods with several important improvements. For AirPods users, the end result is a more seamless experience and even better audio quality.

Longer Battery Life

Regular users will appreciate a 50% increase in battery life. In increasingly popular shared/open work environments, users (including us) are continuously switching between conference calls, distraction-eliminating music, and multiple devices. New AirPods have the juice to get us through a full day of work.

Say Hey, Siri

Call on Siri, Apple's Digital Assistant, through your AirPods. Not only is this great for audio controls, you can also get the full benefit of Siri on your desktop and iPhone for routine tasks - without the inconvenience of removing your headphones.

Wireless charging

Ok, so we've all been through the hassle of digging out our USB-C hub to charge our AirPods in a pinch. We're looking forward to never doing that again. With wireless charging and extended battery life - no fussy interruptions to mess with your flow and focus at work.

Faster connections

Hopping over to a conference call on the desktop is faster than ever with connection times that are 2x faster than the original AirPods.